Sorry You Missed It Vol. 1 (Free EP)

by Richie Allen Buchborn

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released September 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Richie Allen Buchborn Denver, Colorado

Richie Allen and the Bad Ideas formed when Richie and established drummer, Jake Williams, went to work hand picking musicians that would fit their vision of a live-performance aesthetic. Together with Kari Clifton (cello), Miranda Clemenson (voice) and Smith Vaughn (bass) the band was formed. The band counts Neil Young, Damien Rice, and Dave Matthews among their influences. ... more

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Track Name: The Perfect Remedy 9.15.13
The dust has settled now I see the distance in between
Conversations that spark regretful memories
And the daylight pains my eyes with the things I can no longer see
And the silence screams out loud of things that will never be

I must move on

Cleaned out the closet of scratched out letters and empty envelopes
And I wish I had the courage to send those lovely things I wrote
But it doesn't make a difference the damage has been done
Forgive and forget but it seems I'd rather run

I must move on
Your ghost is killing me

The Perfect Remedy
We can have that conversation in our dreams
You'll always be the same to me
You never played the game
Won't you hold me
Won't you hold me
Won't you hold me please
Track Name: Under Big Skies 9.15.13
Don't know how, so I'll just say it
Don't want this part, but I'm forced to play it
Don't believe your words, I cannot change.
Don't fear God, but I'll pray today.

Would it be like you to hold my hand?
How would I react, would I demand?
A piece of mind evades me still
Can no longer seek or evade the truth.

Take your secrets with you, I know the excuse.
Is it me? Is it you? I'm so tired of the blues.
Why can't I lie? Can you tell the truth?
Are you really surprised? What else could I do?

You shake and you cry when I tell you why.
We'll go to the grave with these hidden crimes.
You looked so Goddamned beautiful when I walked out the door.
I hope you find what you're looking for.

Under Big Skies we met each other.
Under Big Skies we once were lovers.
Under Big Skies we avoided the danger.
Under Big Skies we became strangers.

So this is how the story ends.
It fades away with time not friends.
The bricks have filled the room again.
The walls are bursting from within.

Tomorrow's uncertain, the clock strikes three.
This isn't fair, you were meant for me.
Freckles on your skin, your Painted Feet.
I loved the way you smiled at me.

Under Big Skies we met each other.
Under Big Skies we once were lovers.
Under Big Skies we avoided the dangers.
Under Big Skies we became strangers of